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I am Perfectly Normal

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23rd February 2008

8:47pm: just an update
The light is out in my bathroom and I'm watching the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie. Something about giant reptiles with headbands singing "go ninja go ninja go" just seems so much cooler than doing anything else around here. I've eaten my body weight in chocolate for the 4th time this week and I can't stoppp!! Also, I watched part of "Land of the Dead" yesterday before i went to bed and had a kick ass dream where I battled zombies with nothing more than apair of scissors, a long pokey stick, a rubberband gun, and my school ID (which i apparently ALWAYS have with me even in my nightmares). Surprisingly the ID wasn't so useful, but I still pride myself in being so resourclful during a zombie attack as to pull out the ID and say "Hey, I can kill a person with this"

But anyway, enough about how awesome I would be combating zombies, My second favorite giant reptile movie is on next (GODZILLAAAA!!!) flippin sweet.


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15th October 2007

12:50am: i miss
everything about who we used to be

oh no i feel a pms going on

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9th October 2007

8:08pm: visit to the hospital
soooo yesterday I was hanging out with Joey. my boyfriend. and we were having a tickle fight cause i think they are fun and he is cute when he laughs. But when i go to tickle him he hits his head on the window sill. he got up laughing and holding his head and said his head felt warm. So i go to feel it but when i pull my hand away its covered in blood. he looks at his hand and its even worse. He gets his mom who tells him to run his head under cold water in the bath and to keep a towel on it while she calls 911. Basically.... i am just standing there not knowing what to do. Joey says hes fine but there is blood all over the floor and i feel like im going to pass out.

I hurt joey :(

finally i rinse my hand off, the ambulence gets there and bandage him up and take him away. I want to ride with him but i will pass out in the ambulence if i go. So after crying a bit with his little sister i get in the car with his dad and meet up with him and his mom at the hospital. We dont have to wait long. joey is acting like he is high almost and is laughing alot. the doctor comes in and its not as bad as we thought. Joey gets a staple in his head to keep it from opening up again. All i could say was "I'm sorry". He seemed okay that night but then in the morning he was dizzy and it hurt alot. I'm still really scared an im still shaky. I want to take care of him but i dont have a fucking car to go see him so all i can do is sit around and worry like some stupid annoying girlfriend who gets upset if you forget to call her back. i am sorry. I'm sorry.I'm sorry
Current Mood: terrible

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12th June 2007

10:40pm: bad day
dillon has a tumor.

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3rd June 2007

5:22pm: on second thought

ITS TIME YOU COME AND DECLARE YOUR LOVE FOR ME!! stop all this nonsence- i am sick of waiting. hurry up so we can get married and live happily ever after.


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5:11pm: meh
raining today. i love the rain.

yep- nothing but the rain, my deathcab cd, and my laptop

and a shit load of ap stats work lol

tomorrow is monday. and i can't decide if i am gonna kill someone. I'll keep pondering that and you can think back and ask yourself "oh shit have i done anything to piss off devon in the past few days?" probably not. lol

I am thinking of starting a t-shirt business. all i have to do is make a freaking design or two and maybe convince someone to buy the goddamn things lol. Perhaps a new website is in order. that would be exciting.

i am mellow
Current Mood: good

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31st May 2007

11:47pm: holla cracka
um my legs are tired and i dont like video games anymore.

this smells.

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10th May 2007

10:25pm: i am sick
i am sick of busting my ass
i am sick of being let down
i am sick of people's opinions
i am sick of feeling crappy about myself
i am sick of settling for shit
i am sick of getting fucked over
i am sick of dealing with this

i am so sick of everything. and i am so sick of being reminded that my life is crappy right now. Can someone tell me i am making the right decisions and that I am right in thinking that this will somehow all be worth it.

sorry for the emo entry. i am stressed

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2nd April 2007

9:54pm: emo day
you control my thoughts

and i hate it.

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29th March 2007

8:58pm: bad things
i think dillon is going to break up with me.

i need a party to get my mind off this crap.

go talk to Liz. I dont give a fuck anymore.

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11th March 2007

6:16pm: i hate i hate i hate i hate

everything about me.

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20th November 2006

4:16pm: i dont think i like myself anymore.

i like him and thats bad.

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19th November 2006

1:45pm: oh my
this english reading log about yellow wallpaper is scaring the SHIT out of me. I am just sitting in my basement reading this crazy story about how a woman compares her neurosis with the wallpaper in her bed room. . . . . . but its really disturbing to me. this weekend was a lot of fun- except when my head was in the toilet. I made up this thing Im gonna make into like. . . a work of art or something. i dunno...

I like to think of you when i bake
mixing up a recipie for love
then throwing it into the burning oven

something like that.

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1st November 2006

5:10pm: OH GOD
Current Mood: crappy

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30th October 2006

9:39pm: im writing a book I think
about how my friends saved me.

tonight I sat back and saw my life happen to someone else. it made me think. I love my friends. sorry Ive been such an ass friend for the past long time.... I hope you guys can forgive me. I just reilized again how great you all are. Thanks a bunch ^_____^

ps. snip snip

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22nd October 2006

8:57pm: sick of all this crap
i am sick of everyone being like "i <3 ______" because she is so mysterious.

shut up.


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11th October 2006

11:22am: aug
stayed home from school cause i cant handle all your drama.

haunted walk this friday!! YOU CANT BUY TICKETS AT THE DOOR!!! I'll buy you tickets if you want!!!!! I HAVE A SCENEEEE!!!! GOOOOOO!!!

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9th October 2006

12:29pm: broken
pieces are missing.

and they hurt

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4th October 2006

5:45pm: dear journal
i am so sad and I hate boys. yes, tyrus broke up with me. at first i was like 'whever' cause we were growing apart anyway but then all this shit happens and I think he wants me back but then its like no.. you know... you could have told me that BEFORE we made out!!!! anyway. i am just trying to get back in touch with my girls who i so wrongfully neglected. I love you guys. Lets smack all the boys away and dance around our purses and tampons yey!!! anyway.. tomorrow is 'devon is gonna dress like a whore day' and im gonna show those boys WHAT THEY ARE MISSING OUT ON!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

thats all i guess...

<3 love you guys
Current Mood: ANGRAY ARGA!!

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1st October 2006

12:00pm: school.

Current Mood: contemplative

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30th September 2006

12:23am: i am barely existing and totally numb.

and i just dropped a giant frozen icepack on my bare toe without screaming. I hate what has happened to me.

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23rd September 2006

9:42pm: i think ive made up my mind
i want my grandmom back home.

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19th September 2006

8:10pm: arg
man things are so messed up with all my relationship issues. eh i dont really wanna talk about it. ehhhh

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14th September 2006

9:03pm: oh christ!!

and the pit truck is loaded in the correct fashion. fucking awesome. I think i'll go celebrate with some . .  uh..   shit how do you spell it doritos yes hahaha i was like:

"deritos.... no"
"doritos... yeaaaaaahhhhhhhh!"

god i am so slow. thank god tomorrow is friday!!! oh shnapps!!! (aka oh snap) futball tomorrow. and i have to shower cause i smell.
Current Mood: crazy

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13th September 2006

4:32pm: oh em gee

johnny depp is such a bucket of sex that i just wanna drown myself in!!!!!

and I just totally lost my train of thought... TIME TO WATCH EDWARD SCISSORHANDS!!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 

and check out this video that makes me pee my pants.
yes its thriller.
yes those are final fantasy characters.

[get your umbrella]

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